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So, with the Warden class is the Bear pet just an ultimate and not a true combat pet? Will we be able to summon other animals such as wolves or tigers and so forth?
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  • aisriyth_ESO
    The Bear is an ultimate but it stays around until killed then you can resummon it, one of the morphs causes it to auto-resummon.

    They did mention other animals are involved, there is a skill that calls down a cliff racer to peck your enemy to death.
  • VerboseQuips
    I'd love to summon a swarm of ants to eat my enemy alive. :naughty:
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  • Morimizo
    For old times sake, I certainly hope the Cliff Racer has such incredibly high evasion that no enemy can hit him.

    A dish best served cold, and all that....
  • Abeille
    I'm hoping that we can "unlock" other skins for the bear ultimate, maybe some that are not even necessarily a bear, since they are offering the grey bear already.

    But that will depend on how it works. I wish someone will explain us. Does it work as a collectible? Can I use the brown bear even if I bought the collectors edition or will every Warden I ever make have the grey bear necessarily?
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  • Betheny
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  • Tapio75
    Hmm, i would love it if we could use non combat pets as a skin for the ultimate so that tyhe non combat pet essentially turns to active pet.. Naturally not all like the pig fella wwould be good for this or that litle scuttler... But couple of my senche would be lovely and wwould be interesting to have Paws kill my enemies (Shes my cat).
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