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Weren't consoles suppose to get Buff Tracking in this patch?

Pretty sure I recall buff tracking coming to consoles. Any word?
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  • RoyJade
    Mmmh… no ?

    Don't misunderstand me : it would be really good in my opinion, but they never say there will be a buff tracker in this patch.
    There is a dps meter against the skeleton dummy, it's still a thing.
  • IwakuraLain42
    They said they are working on them not that we will see them this patch. It's actually not so easy to implement considering the huge amount of buffs/debuffs we might have. I've seen a few screens of the PC mods that provide this info but that will most likely not work on a Console due to fact the most players play on a TV set and the info would be absolutely unreadable because its to small (already a problem with a few other UI elements).
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