If you are wanting to be a part of a dedicated raid team that is trying to progress to harder content DoT (Drawing Of The Three) needs you! Our activity for trials is low we do have dedicated experienced members we are just trying to fill in the rest of the cracks.
*Must contact lI Dude Il after joining to set up a dps test. (Will work with you for better BST if needed)
*Must be CP 500+(we will make exceptions for 450 or so + but 500 is around what we look for)
*Must have a mic
*GroupMe is where we form our weekly trial events so it is a must if possible, if you are unable to have the Group Me thats fine just keep in game contact for info!
*Must be available a minimum of three days a week or more to raid!
Post gamer tag below if you are interested for invite!
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  • unicycledood
    Invite me please GT hammerhux level 50 tank who just got back into the game and has been doing a lot of dungeons looking for a mature friendly guild
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