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The Clan of Fangs and Claws ( NA XB1 Ebonheart Pact)

Hello fellow ESOers. My name is VammpireGhost or Vamp to my Guild. for starters I want you to know my Guild has never been a massive Guild in since of the word even though we have been around since launch. The most I have ever had was around the 150-180 range. I have never felt the need to max out my roster, just wanted a Guild of friends and comrades. Since my Guild was created many members have either left due to stop playing ESO or just moved on to another Guild. At the moment I currently have a little over 60 Guild Members. Most of which are inactive and I will be doing a purge soon. But to the Point.

-Guild Perks-
My Guild has always have many many perks, For starters in my Guild we offer FREE Vampire and Werewolf bites weekly. It is also one of the 3 rules in my Guild but I'll get back to that in a bit. Also we do not charge Membership fees.....even when we have had Guild Stores. And speaking of stores, we have held a Guild Merchant for 3 months strait at one point. I gave it up as I did not fee enough people were selling, I will get it back if the Guild wants it and we go Active again but till than I have not. And I know someone will ask and the Trader was in the city of Ebonheart. If you are new to ESO or just have trouble making friends or just want to see what Guilds are out there this is a great starting Guild. We offer discounted and most of the time free crafting to all Guild Members. I personally am a 9 Trait crafter across the board and a master in all crafting styles. In the past when I had over 100 Members we set up PvP days (most of the time weekends) where we would go into PvP as a Guild. If your having trouble make a successful and fun Build we have long time ESO players with great Build willing to help you on yours....mind you can handle some constructive criticism. When we have a large active community we have weekly contest with amazing rewards, and we will also have a weekly Guild Meetings where we talk with each other about how we want the following week to go. We love doing Dungeons and Trials, and even SOLO play. If you need a set...we will help FARM it. Need to get somewhere you can't we will get you there.

-Guild Rules-
I do not like having to enforce my Guild rules but I will if I have to. I am easy going and try to show the respect others show me. I have only ever kicked 3 players from my Guild for rule breaking other than being inactive, but as for my rules they are as followed.

1.) If you are a Vampire or Werewolf and belong to my Guild your bites henceforth will ALWAYS be FREE. (No Exception) This rule applies to all Guild Members, and Non-Guildies If a Guild Members ask for a bite and you have one. It will be required to turn them if another Member is unable. My first Bite was free and from then on I have passed on the favor to Hundreds of other players. If you are fond of Bite charges. Don't let me or an Officer find out or you will be KICKED. No second chances on this rule.

2.) RESPECT....nuff said.....If you have something to say then speak up, but show integrity, honor and respect. If you have an issue with another Member seek me or an Officer out and we will handle it. If its with and Officer see me. If it's with me, confront me and put me in my place. I have over stepped sometimes and have also accepted my faults when I did. No one is prefect but show respect and it will be shown back.

3.) Activity. Simple enough. This is the only rule that causes Purge Kicks form my Guild. If you get Purged from my Guild and later come back to ESO and want back in then simply ask you shale receive. If you come to Guild Meetings, help with new members and just participate in Guild activities you wont ever be kicked for this rule, but I am a father and a husband and also work a full time job so I understand when it comes to personal life. NO GAME should ever be first priority over your personal obligations. So if you have to miss Guild Meetings, activities and so forth please just let us know and there will not be any issue with it.

If you are interested after reading this Novel of mine and I thank you for doing so feel free to send me an XBOX message or ESO Message. My GamerTag is the same as my Username on here so hit me up anytime. If you don't get a reply right away you will have one within 24 hours I am online everyday. For at least 3 or more hours. I hope to see my Guild back to it's former glory and untill then Good Hunting.
"What a fool you are. I'm a god. How can you kill a god? What a grand and intoxicating innocence. How could you be so naive? There is no escape. No Recall or Intervention can work in this place. Come. Lay down your weapons. It is not too late for my mercy."
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