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Trading guild start up

Recruiting for Orangecoast trading Co. , the guild isn't very large yet, we only have around 55 people as of today, I'd like to get more people in that are willing to help coordinate things, more crafters, and more sellers . I'm not big on role playing myself, but if you like it, then go ahead. The guild is pretty laid back and doesn't have any requirements. There are no dues, and I have no plans on making dues a requirement, we just ask for donations if you can afford to give them so that we can start getting guild traders and what not. I have a couple of officers who are just people I have played with for awhile and trust, but if you show that you want to help and can add something good to the guild, I have no problem promoting you to officer. If people get interested in this guild I'll start organizing group dungeons, delves, and pve for the people who like those. I'm in the army, so my work week tends to be crazy, but I typically get on for awhile when I get off every day, I'll just need good officers to help run it for those times I'm gone for weeks at a time. If you want to join, just shoot me a message in game or on xbox live, my Gt is D wag1122, there is a space between the D and the wag1122, or you can post your gamertag on here and I'll invite you.
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