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Auri-els Apostles. Are we for you?

Guild Name: Auri-El’s Apostles
Type of Guild: Social / PVE / PVP
Faction Affilitation: AD

Greetings All!

We are beginning recruitment for our social / pve / pvp guild. Are you new to the game? Have you been playing since day 1? If you are in a larger guild, do you feel lost among the 400+ players? Are you tired of being overlooked for promotion when you have the right stuff? Are you tired of the elitist mentality so many players have? Are you looking for a laid back, socially fun group of individuals?

Auri-El’s Apostles might be the right guild for you.

We offer:
· Strong guild leadership
· Social where everyone is welcome!
· PVE (Questing, Daily Dungeons, Farming, Trials, World Boss)
· PVP (Weekly PVP Night (s))
· 9 Trait Crafters
· Help / Advice
· Promotions
· Raffles

We are currently 30 members strong. We have players who have just begun the game on their first character at level 20 to members who have played since day one and are maxed rank of CP 561. We
are a group who love helping others out. Need to grind? Need to run dailies? Need armor? Need advice? We are interested in players who play consistently and will add to our group. We are not looking to become the biggest guild. We are looking to create a tight knit community where everyone feels welcome and appreciated.

We utilize the app BAND and have been very active on it so far. BAND is a free app for both Android and Iphone. After joining the guild, Signup with your Xbox gamertag, and earn your first promotion! All guild activities will be scheduled through the app.

We do not plan on being a trading guild. There are more than enough established trading guilds already. We can invite to high and medium traffic trading guilds if you are in need.

We currently have officer positions for the right candidates. Details of advancement will be discussed after joining the guild.

You can message xII DOC IIx (xii space doc space iix) or SuicideRoach for an invite.
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