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Voice Chat is Unavailable

Says voice chat is unavailable. This could be due to routine server maintenance, or configuration issue. I've waited few days for it to go away and no luck. Anyone able to help me or? I deleted the saved file on my Xbox eso game, restarted Xbox, idk what else to do!
  • Vaoh
    I've been running vMoL and attempting Hard Mode with my guild recently. Have had to put up with Voice Chat failing to work and completely shutting down before, during, and after boss fights. Makes stuff almost impossible to coordinate.

    Also it appears to be server-wide on PS4 NA. Multiple guilds I'm in will often write "Rip voice chat" and other stuff along those lines as soon as it happens.

    Really hope ZOS is looking into this one.
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  • x_Demogorgon_x
    Hmmm. Appreciate it!
  • dmar613
    ever since the ddos attacks the chat has never been reliable. when im on the chat constantly goes out, becomes fustrating. no insight as to when zos will address this issue. im suprised more people are not complaining....

    Also, hard resetting xbox works most the time, if not clear local saved games, if that fails and chat is unavailible for more than a day then this what you need to do.... sign into your router and find revert to factory settings.... be sure to save you current router settings before restoring to default.... after you have restored your router to factory, sign back in and load your old settings in, bow go back on eso and you should have chat rooms to enter again and no more voice chat unavailabe..... your welcome fellas
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  • SolarCat02
    Chat turns robotic or starts the whole log in log out cycle randomly. This happens to everyone in the group at the same time. We have started using Xbox Party chat for Trials runs, as it's the only way we can rely on the vocals working. You can't see who is talking on Party Cat, though, so I really hope ESO fixes the in-game chat someday...
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  • Mcgelie1
    My guild's chat keeps kicking and rejoining me. Also, selecting alternate chat channels sometimes causes that channel to disappear from the menu. Just a heads up.
  • Marshwigs
    FIX THIS ZOS!!! This is a critical function of your game that is broken...
  • Compton1865
    Mcgelie1 wrote: »
    My guild's chat keeps kicking and rejoining me. Also, selecting alternate chat channels sometimes causes that channel to disappear from the menu. Just a heads up.

    This has happened to me too. I had to log out of the game to fix the issue. Our guild was hosting an event, and chat suddenly stopped working. It appears to be a frequent issue. I hope ZOS addresses this situation ASAP.
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  • LanataTwist
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    I've tried everything and my voice chat is still unavailable with the error message the OP posted. The only way I can chat is if I'm in a group with my friends. Makes guild chat impossible! Mine has never worked properly - even with the purchase of a brand new headset.
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