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[NA][UPDATEDx2] The Nightshade Consortium ~ New Solo-Player-Oriented Guild Now Recruiting!!!

  • Redgrimm666
    I’d like to join!!! Gonna be ripping summerset tonight. Gt is BestialWarlord6. Thanks!
  • Pmaurk
    Sign me up! GT: Pmauk
  • Beanburritoh
    Soul Shriven
    If you are still accepting members, I'd like to join - username is my GT.

  • dulupark
    Soul Shriven
    I would like to join your guild, if theres room. My gamertag is The Dulu
  • Sophocles1
    I’d be delighted to join! LegitLotus96398
  • vikingsfan1128
    Soul Shriven
    Don’t know if this is active or still accepting people but if it is my GT is
  • Ashrouna
    Soul Shriven
    Sounds like exactly the kind of guild I'd like. Can I join? My Xbox GT is Silvri

    I play frequently, but mostly enjoy doing solo stuff. I'd like to be able to complete some parts of the game that require group help, such as the Craglorn story.
  • GoldriverMtsCBE
    I'd be interesting in joining. As a parent I'm more on the causal side and my play times can be random at best. Most weeks I play on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday nights. I do solo a ton... perhaps too much but would love to do some dungeons or PvP if anyone is on and willing at the same time. I'm a feverish crafter so I do want a place to sell goods and I'm only level 17 at the moment but I'll donate what I can, when I can.

    Thanks for the consideration, my gamer tag is: GoldriverMtsCBE and I play a high elf (AD aligned) sorceress named Felwin Qeyos (bonus points if you can peg my inspiration for the name).
  • BifFortuna
    Soul Shriven
    Would love to join if you have room. GT: Bif Fortuna
  • Trailertrash26
    Soul Shriven
    I’d love to join
    Gt: MeagerBullet64
  • Aragorn9995
    Soul Shriven
    Hi I’d like to join the guild if you’re still recruiting gt:HaryMonster1
    Edited by Aragorn9995 on June 12, 2018 2:54AM
  • KFreiday
    Soul Shriven
    GT is TGIFreiday.

    I'm a casual player, mandatory overtime with my job and very family oriented. I very much enjoy things that don't involve being solo, unfortunately with my sporadic play times I usually just group finder my way through a few dungeons when I get tired of questing. An invite would be much appreciate, I really liked your description.. right up my alley :)
  • NorthwestLern
    Would love to join. GT is: NorthwestLern
  • Rhymnoc3ros
    Soul Shriven
    Invite please, GT Rhymnoc3ros
  • Airius2011
    Soul Shriven
    GT: xv airius vx I would love to join
  • bananamo
    Soul Shriven
    If there’s room for a newbie I’d like to try this out
    GT - bananamo3
  • Mellington
    I would like to join gamertag mellington
  • EduPek
  • Makeitsew1
    Soul Shriven
    If you’re still accepting new members I would love to join

    GT: Makeitsew1
  • frostfangjosh
    Soul Shriven
    Looking to branch out into some group play. Can help new players, especially with crafting.

    Gt: Frostfangjosh
  • MatinBadall
    Soul Shriven
    Hey if you have the room, I'd love to join. I mostly play solo but am looking for people to do dungeons and trials with. Im down to help anybody who needs help with anything in the game really and can make clothes and armor and weapons since I maxed out those skills, I don't charge but just need materials is all. I'm also a vampire who will gladly give free bites in game. My gamertag is xxdrunksnakexx
  • ragnarok28700
    id like to join THEDESTROYER280
  • mr450degrees
    Sounds like the right guild for me please feel free to add me if i may join GT: CrushedDogman
  • HarvesterofSorrows
    Soul Shriven
    Looks like a great fit as I can only get on a few hours a week. If you still have room I would like to join GT: Deamondread01
  • jlynn1976
    Family of gamers, my Dh and I are interested in a spot if you still have one. Solo players that are figuring it out and still learning. Know the style of game, just new to ESO. If you have room, would love an invite

    GT - Rhian1976
    DH GT- efreaq
    GT: EveeLution13
    Server: Xbox NA
    • Ekatrina Rosezski - AD
    • Dra Tsanjii - AD
  • 28Zombie
    Soul Shriven
    | 28 Zombie I

    Looking for cool people to hang with and play some ESO.
  • ASchrodingerCat
    I hope you are still recruiting, your concept sounds great
    gt: ASchrodingerCat
  • DevilishMercy
    Soul Shriven
    Would love to join if their is any room. GT is Devilish Mercy
  • Tundah
    Soul Shriven
    New to eso, not the style though. Would appreciate an invite. GT: Tundah
  • wbernardo24
    Hey how are you guys I was just curious as to the guild trainer what town in ESO is it located in?
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