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PvE Focused Guild - Everlasting Conquest - Social / Trials / Dalies / Pledges


Hi everyone,

- A community, a place where you are known for your character as a person rather than your skill as a player.
- Help. We have experienced players who are eager and willing to help any and all members who want to improve themselves to reach heir highest potential.
- GROUPS! We run dailies / dungeons Constantly, farming for items and to improve at our ability to survive mechanics. Eventually we will be running trials schedueled regularly, with a core group of players to go for leaderboards.

- A WORKING MIC! To build the community we seek to have. We absolutely need every single player to have a working mic. It's one of the mos fundamental traits that will set us apart from other guilds you may be in!
- BE SOCIAL. We want people who like to play as groups, who like meeting new people and aren't shy of taking the chance of turning strangers into friends.
- BE DRIVEN TO DO PVE. We need players who WANT to be running dungeons, dailies and trials. Who WANT to do it with skilled players that are socialable and part of the community. We aren't a community that allows "out casting" of other players due to skill level, the gear they use or play style.We all start somewhere and if you're looking to end up as one of the best or as a casual player whom just happens to rock at PvE then this is the place for you!

Heres a tiny bio of our guild. Hope to hear from you soon!

Everlasting Conquest has been a guild since the begging of the games release for Xbox one. Before everything changed and they got rid of vet ranks and made it into a mega server, our guild was a distinguished PvE trials guild running for score on leaderboards. We were only one of two AD guilds at the time who could complete all trials on hard mode and were more of a community than just a guilds. Sadly the guild fell apart when I deployed and have been gone for most all of 2016.

But now that I'm back. My plan is to rebuild the guild from the ground up, making sure the roots that made us great before are maintained and we strive to be better than before.
  • xK0R3zY
    Can I get an inv?
  • Hordemasterr
    Sure what's your GT?
  • GawdSB
    I'd like an invite. I'm home right now for the holiday but I'll be back at school with my mic next week.

    GT: GawdSB
  • Hordemasterr
    Alright awesome I'll be sending you an invite tonight!
  • ArchMikem
    So you're an AD only guild, or have you accepted everyone since the One Tamriel merge.
    CP1,200+ Master Explorer - AvA Praetorian - Console Peasant

    "It's gonna take a lot to drag me away from you,
    There's nothing that a hundred bugs or more could ever do,
    I bless the Quests down in Tamriel,
    Gonna take some time to do the Dungeons we never had."
  • Hordemasterr
    We're open to everyone :) I'm sorry for not making that clear
  • TheWolfishGrizz
    Hey I am Ebonheart Pact, would you accept someone relatively new? I played before but left and now I am back with a new Char at level 15 or so.

    My GT is Gr1z2ly
    i can also message you on XB1 if that works better for you.
  • Hordemasterr
    Sure thing! I'll be tossing you an invite today :smile:
  • Methodik
    Soul Shriven
    Hi, I'm interested in joining. I'm a noob at mmo and amma father of 2 young boys so I can't commit to playing a specific amount of time. If that suits you send me an invite. GT: methodik
  • Hordemasterr
    Of course, we'd love to have you on board. I'll toss you an invite tonight!
  • Hordemasterr
    We're growing and getting stronger! Eager to meet all the new members that will surely help this guild flourish!
  • Methodik
    Soul Shriven
    Didn't get an invite. Is it cause I'm too noob to find it?
  • KATObloodpaw
    Hey maybe our guilds can work together. I'll take an invite. Shock value1134
    GT:Shock Value1134
  • Hordemasterr
    I'll get an invite sent to you both soon! :)
  • Hordemasterr
    Still looking for skilled community oriented players! We're growing fast, and are eager to make this guild even better!!
  • articaardvark
    GT is TheArcticFox218. Need help with PvE. I've got a mic and have been playing for a while
  • Hordemasterr
    We will send you an invite today!
  • GravlordServant12
    Im interested in joining GT: NamelessJokerr
  • kgraupne
    Soul Shriven
    I would like an invite -
    GT - JovialMeerkat12
  • sergio692
    Soul Shriven
    I would like to join
  • sergio692
    Soul Shriven
    GT: Mostly Surg
  • KatrinaC6162
    GT InfiniteArc2639

    I have a working mic but my child likes to talk into at times.

    Also, I am in university so I can be online constantly. But will help out when I can.

    I tried msg you ingame couldn't through

  • Hordemasterr
    awesome, ill be having my wife send you all invites by tonight!

    Also, we will be starting to run scheduled guild TRIALS, next week!!! We need active, skilled PVE players of all types to come bolster our ranks for the adventure of becoming a cohesive community topping the leaderboards, and leading the ESO community overall.
  • maurice5000ub17_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    Hello! I would love to join if possible. please send me an invite. Gt: fade69. In game character: havoc windstrider
  • t3h_un1cr0n1
    Soul Shriven
    lemme get an invite! Gt: t3h_un1cr0n. my main's name is Purspekt.
  • superchrisnelson
    Soul Shriven
    Hi, I'd be interested GT MuscledInk90
  • 1Xgcgriffin
    Soul Shriven
    GT is XGC GRIFFIN IM interested in your guild
  • randomKid904
    I would like to join, GT: randomKid904. My husband and I share the account so we are on pretty much every day.
  • Savage_Audacity
    Sounds like my kinda guild! shoot me an invite! GT: Savage Audacity
  • Xenofear
    I'd like to join. Sounds like a great time. Can never find good groups to run dailies. I just came back to the game and I'm trying to find a good place to have fun.

    GT: ShadowraithxXXX
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