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Nordic bather towel costume - a note on clothing design.

  • Osteos
    Sigma957 wrote: »
    I think there could be a new skill added if the female char were allowed to have no tops,, a topless female immediately cc's male toons in there steps. My Breton sorc would like this looooooooool

    There is already more then enough cc flying around.
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  • Glamdring
    Pandorii wrote: »

    I'll chuckle the day when men have to wear skin tight clothing around their private parts (ball cleavage, anyone?) and be judged by how big or small they are like we women are.

    For your information, our private parts grows when we get aroused, females breasts grows with plastic surgery. Hard to judge that.

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  • WanderingBeithe
    I love the towel. I dyed it and now my 'feral, angry cannibal' elf looks complete.

    Still need that knife sharpening emote ZOS....
    If it has a tail it is meant to be eaten.

  • Vildebill
    When my Khajiit wears the towel he still has the underwear on underneath it which looks ridiculous. What have I missed? How can I just wear the towel like you? :D
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  • Kamatsu
    Betheny wrote: »
    Ourorboros wrote: »
    Why is it okay for male characters to expose their chest when the same costume covers female torso...FREE THE NIP PLE.

    Because the male chest isn't fetishised like the female's?

    I wonder, did you know that in America prior to the mid 1930's it was illegal for men to go around topless? Men protested about it, using basically the same argument's as women do now with the 'free the nip' campaign, and were met with basically the same opposition as well - that men's chest's and *** were too sexual, that men going around with bare chest's would invite themselves being *** by women, that it was immoral and women & children had to protected from the sight of male ***, etc. (scroll to the 1930's)

  • WuffyCerulei
    ESO pretty much has this logic with armor:

    It's much equal between the genders, and it cracks me up to see half nekkid male toons everywhere.
    Edited by WuffyCerulei on January 2, 2017 12:14PM
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  • ZOS_RyanM
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