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Dragonborn Squad - Mournhold Trader - 7k/week

We currently have about 30 open spaces for Dragonborn Squad (after a house cleaning) of the stalwarts trading guilds in Mournhold. 7k/week, and keep your slots full. Post your gamertag and I, or one of my officers, will shoot you an invite. Thanks!
GT = Keech McGrady (GM of Dragonborn Squad on X1 server)
  • Paleoman
    Looking to join a traders guild. GT: Paleoman
  • Paleoman
    Joined another guild. I am all set now. Thank you for offer to join your guild.
  • menschie
    We're pretty much full again, at 495 currently. Thanks for those who viewed.
    GT = Keech McGrady (GM of Dragonborn Squad on X1 server)
  • weissaustin_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    Gt: G Lyfe
    Looking to find a group with voice chat to pvx with
  • Ulfhethnar
    Soul Shriven
    GT Einherjar7446 if you have room
  • Heroman84
    GT Heroman84 if you have an open slot please! master crafter (all types), 8/9 traits blacksmithing & clothing, woodworking finished. 346+ CP
  • PoisonedPastries
    Hi, I would love an invite! I have plenty to sell and am looking for a guild with a stable trader! Thanks

    GT LoudLemons
  • MsDrosera
    Soul Shriven

    invite pls
  • Jacob1320
    Soul Shriven
    GT: WildStingray342
  • JesseRPG
    Soul Shriven
    Looking for an invite. I was recently in Mournhold Trading Empire (we had a trader in Mournhold of course) but our guildmaster's GT was hacked and the hacker pretty much destroyed our guild. Took all of out stored inventory from the bank. I was really hoping to get in touch with either this guild since I buy a lot from it or any other guild in Mournhold that you might have contact with. I'd really appreciate it.
    My GT is JesseRPG btw
  • ozkitty
    Soul Shriven
    Hi. I'd like an invite if you have space please. GT is ozkitty
  • Tazza4077
    If there's any room available, GT: Tazza4077
  • ogjefe420
    Soul Shriven
    looking for an invite if you guys have any open spots ..GT: ogjefe420
  • Hearts_Wake
    GT: WakeQQ
  • StndupPhilosphr
    Soul Shriven
    If you still have a spot, I'd be interested. GT:StndupPhilosphr
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