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(Resolved) Need Help With Graphics Issue

I've been having a specific issue with my Macbook Pro for a few years now across all my games and tolerated it, but now that I've gotten a new iMac and it's still happening, I don't think I can put up with it for much longer. Scouring the internet for a solution isn't turning up anything helpful, so would someone be able to explain why none of my textures have any sort of specularity to them, and possibly help me remedy this annoyance?

My torso, with Welkynd Blue as the primary dye:

Same style chest piece for reference:

The same thing happens in Spore (where I first noticed the issue a few years back), Kerbal Space Program, SW:KOTOR, Dota 2... anything light is supposed to be reflecting off of a surface. ESO is my most played game though and I know it can be visually stunning, so missing out on that part of the game has been a real let down. Transliminal Violet for me is a solid, flat blue, not the gorgeous gold I always hear about :(

Currently using the default AMD Radeon R9 M390.


UPDATE: Rather than manually pushing all the graphics settings to max (again), I selected the umbrella option of "Ultra-High" for "Graphics Quality" and suddenly it started working.

I've no idea what was causing it, but problem solved through random clicking.
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  • smacx250
    Even at lower settings, you can try editing your "UserSettings.txt" file to have: SET SPECULAR_MAPS "1"

    My son's computer has to run at lower graphics settings but he really didn't like not having shiny armor. I made that change and it had no noticeable performance impact and looked much better.
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