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Best class for dueling?

  • Krist
    Ask a silly question, you get every answer.

    I normally do not get into "what can I do so I can be OP" type of threads, but this one is kind of funny, as everyone has their own opinion on the matter. There is a reason for that. If you have to ask, you probably will not do as well as those giving you the answer. I mean this in that dueling is something of an art, and if you know your set weakness and strengths better than your opponent, then you can use pretty much any.
    Just to toss in there, yes, a NB can use the element of surprise in a duel, though I guess your opponent wont technically be
    Sadly armor sets and how many/what kind of pots you have matters more than most other things. Just a fact.
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  • Waffennacht
    I'm gonna say mSorc...


    I run a mSorc and I'm OP - (not the Sorc, but me the player, I'm OP and in need of a solid nerfing lmfao)
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  • dpencil
    I play pet sorc and duel a lot. It is very strong. So strong, many people will whine about it being so OP in duels they will refuse to fight. I consistently beat every spec within the first 10 seconds except for players who are extremely skilled. I run BSW+Necro. The sustain is crap, so if my opponenet can survive my first 3 burst attemps then I need to switch to defense for a while to regain mag. If I'm facing a magicka player this is much earier as they will refill my magicka while I spam Harness Magicka. Players with very high damage that can burst my pets down before I can reshield/heal them are usually my toughest opponents. Most of the time, though, people die before I even get to the end of my burst combo.
  • Speed_Kills
    Some say speed kills, I hope to be proof of that.

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  • bg22
    Kutsuu wrote: »
    Moglijuana wrote: »
    susmitds wrote: »
    Anything but StamNB. Glass cannons are simply not good for dueling.

    One of the best duelers on PS4 at the moment is a 2h/bow stam NB lol.

    A highly skilled player on a stamNB who knows how to utilize proc set burst can be extremely good. Certain builds hard counter them, and IMO they take a lot more effort and skill to be very successful on.

    Knows how to utilize proc set builds. XD XD

    Yea... crazy skill involved in "learning" Viper. Only l33t players know how to use Viper.
  • bg22
    Pet Sorcs, with banker, merchant, and mines.
  • FearlessOne_2014
    bg22 wrote: »
    Pet Sorcs, with banker, merchant, and mines.

    This right here is soo true. It's pretty funny and sad at the same time.
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