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Official Discussion Thread for "New Life Festival: Meet This Year's Officiate"

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This is the official discussion thread for the blog article New Life Festival: Meet This Year's Officiate. In a special edition of “Meet the Character” this week, you’ll learn more about Breda, the well-liked female Nord sawmill worker chosen to officiate this year’s New Life Festival.
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  • MissBizz
    I hope Breda goes to Winterhold and learns some illusion magic for next years new life festival, so she can learn to be in multiple places at once so i don't need to wait 2 minutes for her to spawn each time i want to hand in one of her quests ;)

    As well do you think someone could go kick a few keg's of her amazing brew off her cart on the way? It would sure be nice to find some kegs elsewhere in the world. ;)
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  • Llevndryn
    Great presentation as usual ! It's been a while since we had one of those.

    I love all the little details we can find in them !
  • NewBlacksmurf
    Perhaps instead of a mud bag, we could have a keg (that gives exp to anyone around during the event)

    Just throwing this out there :wink:
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  • WhiteCoatSyndrome
    I miss these Lore Archive things SO MUCH! *hug* :cry:

    Any chance of getting a special holiday Black Sacrament to 'take care' of this Housecarl Mudgeon fellow next year?
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  • maboleth
    I didn't have this much fun in the game since long time!! It is SO much fun, the quests are extremely funny and rewarding, you even feel doing something truly right for the peoples of Tamriel. :)

    And when I see all those players goofing around, competing and doing crazy moves and stuff, makes me even better, sometimes really laughing out loud! You also connected the whole land in the spirit of One Tamriel and respect of each and every tradition out there. Celebration in its purest form.

    So one big THANK YOU. I hope these kind of thoughtful and relaxed holiday events will be more in the future. Well done!
  • Abeille
    Interesting read, she is very nice.

    @ZOS_GinaBruno she says she works at the mill when the festival isn't happening. Can she actually be found at a mill once the festival is over?
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