Is the loot better if you're the first person to open chest?

In 4 man group dungeons, I'm wondering if you get more and better loot if you're the first person to open the chest?
I find I get less loot if I'm the second person opening it??
PS4 pro NA

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  • Nestor
    Nah, it's RNG.

    I have gotten good stuff on opening it, and good stuff being the last one to pull from the chest and everywhere in between. I usually get decon fodder unless I am on my characer that has the Treasure Chest passive from the Champ System. Then it is still quite often decon fodder, but at least it's Purple.
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  • SolarCat02
    Only advantage to being the person who opens a group chest is the experience you get if you pick the lock. Nobody else gets that xp.

    Aside from that, you have the same chance for everything else as the rest of the group.
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