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XBox EU Haderos access denied.

Since the update any toon (end game blue & red tried so far) I try to enter this campaign with, I get frozen in a black screen, no animations, no loading information, complete reboot required to re access game.

Now it's locked me out of reloading entirely on EU, so I cannot even submit a ticket.

II Swindy II

Australian on Xbox EU & NA.
  • Beardimus
    Nightmare :( have you tried a full shutdown / restart? Also you can delete the local save game caches, I've had to do that after an update before but never had anything like you describe. I think you can open a ticket via the ESO website as well, you log in etc. Hope you get sorted.
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  • Swindy
    Yup tried all that, and got back in game but still no Haderus so sumbitted tickets.

    It's the worst of 4 issues since the update.

    Dismount a horse, then the next use of A or RT causes me to remount...50% of the time.
    Use skills menu, thereafter, every 6 seconds, the right half of the skils menu pops onto screen, prohibiting any game (as the controller only then works the skill trees) play until i manually enter skills and long handed exit out again, a few times.
    I cannot travel to the Elden Root wayshrine, it sticks in the loading screen and never drops out.

    Loving this update...:(
    Edited by Swindy on November 30, 2016 8:22AM
    II Swindy II

    Australian on Xbox EU & NA.
  • Bonzodog01
    Haderus on XBox EU is still not loading. This is a serious problem. Can someone please look into this as a matter of urgency?

    EDIT: Ok, I have found a workaround to force it to load. So, the first time you attempt to load it, it will black screen. Dashboard and quit the game. Reload your char, and it will be back where it was before. Wayshrine to another zone, then load the campaign. It will work now.
    Edited by Bonzodog01 on January 19, 2017 12:38PM
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