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Is there a WTB online web market forum?

Trying to find what I need in game is time consuming. Is there a site or forum somewhere that deals in players buying and selling? As in someplace to make trade deals outside of game?
  • Nestor
    Community Ambassador
    There are, but they are not kept up to date all that often.
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  • vamp_emily
    I'm actually working on something now. I have it set up for me only because i use it to keep track of my inventory across multiple accounts. It is a windows based program with a website to display items for people to see.

    My biggest concern i had was people entering information and then not updating it making there items outdated. However, I think i know of a solution. If I make items expire after a week but give an option for the user to re-list items without typing any info, the list of items will always be updated.

    The reason why i would love to release this program to the public it is would make finding stuff a little easier than hopping around to different guild stations.

    Will people use it ? I don't know. I just know i like it.

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  • Stoopid_Nwah
    esobay on reddit has people posting wtb/wts items daily for all platforms. May be of use to you :blush:.
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