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Oblivion Music in Cyrodiil

Now I know this might be impossible to do, as I'm sure Jeremy Soule owns the right to his own music. However I thought maybe, to add more of an emotional connection to Cyrodiil. There should be music from Oblivion, or a varient of it in Cyrodiil. Especially the Imperial City. These variations would obviously be a bit more, sad or sinister in the Imperial City or even Cyrodiil as a whole. This in my opinion would create an emotional connection to Cyrodiil for players of Oblivion. I think it would be a very nice touch, to remind you what was and will be after the crisis.

Share your thoughts or suggestions. If you disagree that's fine. I recognize that it's probably impossible to do, but I'm interested in what people think. So I don't mind as much if you just tell me it can't happen. I would rather know if you want it or not.

  • Publius_Scipio
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  • Ankael07
    I agree. Music from previous TES games should be added as an option.
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  • Chori
    I just mute my game music tbh, it is good but gets old fast.
    I play listening to Skyrim and LORT soundtrack and makes up for it. Oblivion music was pretty sick too, I should get it as well
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  • Vaoh
    Awesome idea, but personally I'd say No. Let me tell you why....

    Music from Oblivion is something I remember from back in the good days. My time playing Oblivion was extremely fun and only good memories remain from it.

    Cyrodiil in ESO is a disgusting, imbalanced mess. I do not want this amazing music by Jeremy Soule to be thrown into the mix.

    I believe that The Gold Coast should have Oblivion music though, and certain songs placed into Aldmeri zones.

    Likewise, some TESV: Skyrim music should be thrown into Eastmarch and The Rift, whereas the future Vvardenfell DLC zone should contain predominantly TESIII: Morrowind songs, with a few songs thrown into Stonefalls and Bal Foyen.

    That's what I think would be cool at least :)
  • mertusta
    I don't know Oblivion but I'm definitely sure that I heard songs from Morrowind in ESO, maybe they re-composed.
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