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Best area for pickup trials?

I'm a member of a couple guilds (XBox NA) which are great for pre-arranged trial runs, but not great for random times (I can usually find 1-2 people, but assembling 12 is a pain). The enclaves and nearby wayshrines are a decent spot, but it seems spread out between the factions. Is there another place I should go?.. or can we all decide on a spot to gather?
Related, has there been any talk about an activity finder for trials?
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  • Tinus_92
    Not sure how it goes on xbox, but on PC/EU I usually start looking for people within guilds, followed by craglorn, deshaan, grahtwood & stormhaven and got a group up within 10 minutes usually. Normal trials only, though. Sometimes finding a healer or tank can be more difficult, so I'm usually flexible myself on which role to perform.
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  • Dasovaruilos
    OT made normal PUG trials much harder to organize, in my experience.

    I'm a healer and I'm still missing a few Infallible Aether pieces and used to run then almost everyday just in Zone chat in Wayrest. Now I can hardly run 2 a week, if any.

    Now, I think that, outside guilds, Belkart in Craglorn seems to be the best place. I have a theory that some people go there to deliver the writs first thing when they log in and are open to run if they see groups being formed in text chat because they haven't really started anything yet. But is just a theory, hehe.
  • Tasear
    Class Representative
    The best time and place is craglorn during the sunday night. It's like everyone gets the chore over after all there's not much worth besides entertainments and one or two good sets since the rest are a... bit questionable (why not make them 3 pieces again :wink: )
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  • SolarCat02
    We had luck in Craglorn/Belkarth plugging a few gaps in our normal Trial run last night. I used zone chat. There were two other groups also looking for people for other runs, also advertising in zone.

    If you only need one or two people, and only for a normal, any zone chat will do really. You can even have your group split up into different ones.

    If you need a larger group, I would start in Craglorn, it seems to have more people with Trials on their minds.
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