Best pickup line for your character

  • SirAndy
    Mr_Apollo wrote: »
    Title says it all, if you met one of the characters you created on ESO, and you had a love interest for them, what would be your pickup line for them? Quite interested in how smooth ESO players are

    "I don't remember you and i have no idea what the f**k you are talking about"

    Worked for me and my girlfriend. We've been together for 10 years now ...
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  • Lynx7386
    A cat is fine, too
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  • LuminaLilly
    Hi I think you're pretty
    Firerock2 wrote: »
    The solution is simple; delete the Nightblade class and do not reimburse the people who play them.
  • Akselmo
    Me at my argonian guy: "Show me your.. Front.. Tail?"

    I think he would just look at me weird and confused: "No tail in front."

    Alternatively: "Let's get into bashing butts as well as deez nuts!" (Thank you gamer poop)

    He would probably laugh a lot. It might even work.

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  • kewl
    When I get that feeling, I want sexual healing.
  • kylewwefan
    Whatcha gonna do when Hulkomania runs wild up in you
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  • Stania
    I don't think anything would work, my char is almost asexual, perhaps he would just smirk, laugh or blush.
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  • RECON96
    "I hope your Two-handed skill is maxed. Because you're gonna need more than one hand for this."

    Would probably get killed by an Aedric Spear to the heart afterwards.
  • Angelfire_Arisen
    *readies Aedric Spear* ....jk

    I wouldn't drop a pick up line on my charcaters as they are females as am I, but what rarely fails is either a really confident delivery of a very of a bad line, like the previous post ;) , or the guy trying to be confident and charming during that delivery while recovering from just having tripped over his own feet.
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