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Mages Caravan Recruitment (Trading Guild) Xbox NA

The Mages Caravan is looking for able merchants and of the sorts
We are a somewhat laid back guild we do not have many public activities, but we take care of our own.
We accept from all alliances.
We are a Xbox NA guild.


- Be Respectful and Considerate of others time schedule.

- Weekly Taxes will be paid (5,000 gold) on saturday by 12:00am (EST).

- Honor your Trade. If you agree to buy/sell an item do not attempt to change the price or back out.

- Inactivity for more than Thirty day without proper cause will result in removal from our ranks.

- Be sure to keep a professional appearance.

- Keep pricings at 100 gold or above to save on space.

- If you take items from the bank be sure to replace with an item of equal or more value.

- Pull and relist your items that have been up for more than 7 days.

- Please do not exceed 5 times the average sale price. (creates bad reputation to have overpriced items)

- Please do not list non gold valued gear, trash items, traitless gear

- Only guild officers may send guild wide mail.

- Please consualt the Arch Mage before bidding on a Guild Trader.

- Please do not undercut fellow traders items that have been up for less than 2 days.

- Do not retrieve gold out of the guild bank with out the permission of the Arch Mage.

Contact Kirito UD on Xbox to submit an application.

We hope to see all of you in the next coming weeks.

Guild=Brotherhood of Merchants
Gamertag=Kirito UD
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