*End game guild looking for dedicated eso players for vet trials*

DoT-Drawing Of The Three
AD guild-Accepts all factions!
Opening recruitment for vet end game players only!
Our guild is looking to recruit anyone interested in joining our trial team, you are required to be at least CP 501 or higher. This is a dedicated trial team that will be working together to complete trials competitivly. We have lost many of our trial members to other games, need dedicated eso players. Our guild is more than just trials but this post is specificly to help our guild group back into trials easily. Our current trial members are all experienced eso players with vet trials. For more details post gamertag below for invite and we will get you up to speed.
Thanks for reading!
  • GravlordServant12
    I have a DK tank as my main,but also have damage dealers. My CP is capped and I am looking to be part of a dedicated group. I have completed all trials on HM, except for vMoL.
  • lI_DUDE_Il
    Is you user name your gamertag? Would be happy to invite you!
  • GravlordServant12
    Thanks for the invite.

    GT: XxKongg12xX
  • lI_DUDE_Il
    Inv will be out today
  • CuzImHarley
    i have a CP 656 Templar healer, play with several end game player, 3, and we are looking for a trials guild. One tank, and a DPS. I'm also a 9 trait master crafter in EVERYTHING.
    AD 810 Templar healer
    AD 810 Magica DK
    AD 810 Magica NB
    AD 810 Magica Sorc
  • lI_DUDE_Il
    Post gamertags and i will invite
  • o0Velius
    o Lady Velius
    DK Tank. Have done all vet trials.
    And Run them daily with my other guild.
    Main Tank For
    Difficulty Increased

    PC : @o0Velius

    Xbox One. GT: oo Velius
  • lI_DUDE_Il
    Sending invite today!
  • Altima_Primus
    Soul Shriven
    Altima Primus
    CP 600
    Dk tank, sorc tank, Templar healer, magic dk dps, sorc dps one of each Stam and magic.
  • lI_DUDE_Il
    Inv sent
  • CuzImHarley
    CuzImHarley is my gamer tag thanks
    AD 810 Templar healer
    AD 810 Magica DK
    AD 810 Magica NB
    AD 810 Magica Sorc
  • lI_DUDE_Il
  • skatterbraynz
    Gt skatterbraynz max cp healer have beaten all trials including Maw and all hard modes except maw since they have been scaled
  • mrpunisher7
  • The_Payne_Train
    Gt the payne train
    561 plus cp.
    8 max toons.
    All ad.
    Champion Rank 515
    Cp160 Mag Sorc
    Cp160 Mag Templar
    Cp160 MagBlade
    Cp 160 Mag DK
    Cp160 Stamplar
    Cp160 Stam DK
    Cp160 Stam NB
    Cp160 Stamsorc
  • LoveChronology
    Are you still looking for people? If so, I'm looking for a guild to do Trials with.

    GT: Love Chronology

    Mainly a Templar Healer, CP 385 (with SPC and Worm), have run most of the Trials except for Maw and would like to do them on Veteran.
  • azapcho
    GT: xXkiNG AzAXx
  • lI_DUDE_Il
    Invites will be out today! Ty all for taking your time to look into us!
  • lI_DUDE_Il
    Invites sent!
    gt is tarafraka
    max cp, multiple finished characters that are trial ready.
  • lI_DUDE_Il
    Will try to have invite out tonight but may not be till tomorrow! Ty for reading!
  • Balthyzar
    I would like to check your guild out...
    GT: Balthyzar
    Heir to House Dagoth & last of the Aundae
  • NetflixNChiill
    CP 561
    Dps: Stam sorc, mag sorc, Stam DK.
    Healer still missing some pieces
    Tank DK

    Looking for a guild that is trying to get on trial leaderboards and hopefully complete vMaW. I have vMA completes and have done all trials on vet apart from vmol.
    Thnx in advance
  • quake89

    Altmer Healer 706cp
    SPC - Worm - IA
    Maelstrom + Master resto / destro

    Look forward to hearing from you guys !

    PC -EU
  • lI_DUDE_Il
    Thanks for reading invites going out
  • lI_DUDE_Il
    Still pushing our recruitment this is for anyone interested in structred trials!
  • montiferus
    How often do you run trials and at what times do you do typically do them?
  • oxXAthenaXxo
    Soul Shriven
    Would love to join GT oxXAthenaXxo
  • Stoopid_Nwah
    GT: Stoopid Nwah 655cp
    DPS: magsorc, magnb both stormproof with vMA sharpened staff and gold gear
    Can gear out a templar healer if needed
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