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Max Health build

With new sets added in One Tamriel I was wondering what is currently the combination of sets to achieve maximum possible health?
Sets that come to my mind are Plague Doctor, Green Pact, goold old Ebon. Perhaps someone has already made a build and could share their experience?
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Best Answers

  • Lashiing
    since you didnt outright state you're doing a blazing shield build:

    5x mephala, 5x plague, 2x grothdarr

    swear to god if you use this on me tho....
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  • hrothbern
    There is a build posted on the website Tamriel Foundry with this exact concept.

    He achieved 75k health on a Dragonknight and focused on using shields: Igneous shields, bone shield, and volatile armor. The shields are so big that he is able to tank everything.

    He put all stat points into health and max champion points into Bastion (increase shield strength).
    He used Plague Doctor and Green Pact armor sets, and I can't remember the monster helmet set.

    Apparently some shields strength is determined by max health, but perhaps not all shields.

    Question I have: which shields are not affected/increased by max health? weapon proc (glyph) shields? others?

    The build was posted under the Dragonknight Theorycrafting section.


    EDIT* the build is called "Alanarre's Invincible Shield Tank"


    Besides Igneous, Bone and Volatile,
    From the top of my head
    * The damage Shield you get from a HA Destro with an Ice Staff scales also from Health (base value 8% health)
    * The damage Shield you get from Shielded Assault (S&B gapcloser) scales from Health (base value 12% health)
    * The DK Ultimate gap closer Ferocious Leap gives a damage shield (base value 100% of health)
    The Weapon Enchant Damage Shield does NOT scale from Health or any stat.

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