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Possible changes for abilities and classification of weapons for the future


I do not play in PTS myself but I have noticed that suggestions for big changes gets better evaluation in here than in general discussion so I post this in here.

I have a few suggestions on how to change some weapon skills and better classify weapons so you can expand the weapon arsenal in the future. I shall start with weapon calssification.

Currently we have One-handed weapons, Two-handed weapons, bows and staves. Crafters need motifs for "Swords" to craft One-handed and Two-handed swords, "Maces" to craft maces & mauls ect. I suggest that instead of having motifs "swords, axes, maces, staves, ect" we would have motifs "One-Handed Weapons, Two-Handed Weapons, Ranged Weapons and Magic Weapons".
For the future. If you ever want to introduce new weapon types, eg. Crossbows, Wands or Spears, you also have to introduce Motifs for these items. This would mean you have to create hundreds of motifs just to add 1 new item type into game and players need to farm all those hundreds of motifs to create the new item. By changing the motif types as suggested we already have motif for all possible weapons to come.
Magic Weapons for Wands, Orbs, ect
Ranged Weapons for One-handed light crossbows, Two-handed heavy crossbows, Darts, Shurikens, Javelins, ect
One-Handed weapons for short spears
Two-Handed weapons for long spears, halberds, ect

This way introducing new weapons will be much less painful.

I will now continue to the needed changes into skill lines:

1. Separate One-handed & Shield skills into One-handed skills and Shield skills
Currently we have 2 One-handed skills and 3 shield skills. The strange thing is that you can not use the One-handed skills unless you have also equipped a shield, even though Ransak has nothing to do with shield. By separating these skills into 2 skill lines we will have 3 more One-handed skills and 2 More defensive shield skills. One-handed skills could be used when you have equipped atleast 1 One-handed Weapon (so these skills are also accessible while dual-wielding) and for the future, if you are to introduce One-handed magic or ranged weapons (eg. wands, crossbows) you could combine One-handed sword with One-handed wand/crossbow, or combine One-handed wand/crossbow with a shield.

2.Rename "Destruction Staff" and "Restoration Staff" to "Destruction" and "Restoration". OR EVEN BETTER: Make separated skill lines for Fire, Ice, Lighning and Restoration
In case we are to introduce new magic weapons, eg. wands, these skill trees will now work as basic magic skills for all the new magic weapons (in addition to possible "wand" skills or "Orb" skills). Destruction magic can be used with Fire, Ice and Lightning magic weapons, Restoration magic with Restoration weapons. Furthermore, this would allow us to have separated "Staff" weapon skill line for melee usage and make hybrid builds more viable in the future as you could use Inferno Staff to fight melee and throw in a few fire spells too.

That's probably all I have to say. Thanks for reading. I hope to get a comment from ZOS :smile:
Edited by Sinolai on October 26, 2016 10:13PM
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