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Group Finder - Really Weird Bugs?

Has anyone else been experiencing really weird bugs with the group finder lately?

For most groups, the "Group Chat" channel is not even an option, forcing us into area chat if we are running with people not in the guild. If we are in the chat before teleporting sometimes we get to stay in the group chat, but it still doesn't show in the list itself.

At one point tonight I queued with one friend for a random normal dungeon. The finder popped, and immediately kicked me to area chat with a mention that someone disbanded the group. I checked, I was no longer in a group, so I invited my friend to group again thinking we would wait out the timer and try again, but I got an error saying he was already in my group. Suddenly the list shows us both in a dungeon group, with everyone auto-teleported there except me.

Later, I queued solo for veteran White Gold Tower and the screenshot below happened. We booted the afk healer and got a dps as replacement, so we just ran and finished the dungeon with two healers and two dps. (I played dps/off-healer for the dungeon).

Am I the only one having these strange sorts of bugs? I know the finder is not always reliable, but it's never done these three bits before today. At least, not to me.

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