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  • davidcombs7
    Will send out invites tomorrow. Really excIted to have our 100k giveaway at 100 members. Also will have guild bank sales at 100 members now to clear space. Special pricing only for members!!
  • davidcombs7
    Bump for Free guild
  • Akatsukisan
    I'm interested to see what this community has to offer. :)

    PSN: TheAkatsukiSan
    Follow your path to success, don't follow into the shadows.
  • davidcombs7
    Anyone else interested in getting in a free guild?
  • xSilverDeathx
    PSN: silverfangfury

    I apologize, but didn't see an invite. Would like to join please.

    "You'd be a great asset to any Ashlander tribe... if you weren't a heretic, that is." -Shaali Kulum
  • seigfriednightb14_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    PSN: sicksith2112 I look forward to gaming with yall.
  • davidcombs7
    Silverdeath what's your psn??
  • xSilverDeathx
    PSN: silverfangfury
    "You'd be a great asset to any Ashlander tribe... if you weren't a heretic, that is." -Shaali Kulum
  • cr17wb_ESO
    PSN Ziliot
  • KnsCtyShful
    PSN: WeaselSlapper
  • DelfLordBob
    Soul Shriven
    PSN. DelfLordBob
  • JTreyK
    Can I have an invite, please!!

    PSN - Uncle-T-Ray
  • davidcombs7
    Bump it up!
  • svyx33
    Please invite. PSN: Svyx333
  • XCleverGirlx
    Invite please PSN: kitttykass66
  • veekitty
    Soul Shriven
    Would love an invite if you have space.

    PSN: veekitty

    Thanks :)
  • knightrider1124
    Soul Shriven
    PSN: KnightRider1129
  • PRXEloswith
    Sure, I'll check it out, you sound like a friendly bunch or at least that's the idea lol :)

    PSN: PicusB

    I do a little of everything in ESO
  • davidcombs7
    Bump- Trying to get more ACTIVE members and having daily dungeon runs for undaunted!!! Let's all have a good time and kill content
  • Deluxe69995
    Psn: Deluxe69995
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