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Pay it forward now recruiting!!! 80 members and counting!
100k raffle at 100 members
Guild bank auctions 2x a month
Help with Normal/Vet Dungeons
Undaunted Dailies
Dungeon Farming for set gear
Normal trial runs(vet later)
Skyshard Farming
Lorebook Hunting
Ability Bar Setups
CP Placement
PvP Zergs
XP farming
Material Farming

*Also looking for leaders that are pros in these areas to help lead these. Officer Rank will be given to those interested.

*Also looking for smaller guilds that want to join us to grow our guild, and possibly take leadership roles.

*We get a trader based off donations and sales from traders so I bid what the guild bank has weekly.

If interested in leadership please psn msg Xxre4iviasterxX
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