The issue is resolved, and the North American Xbox One megaserver is back online and available. Thank you for your patience!


Pay it forward now recruiting!!! 80 members and counting!
100k raffle at 100 members
Guild bank auctions 2x a month
Help with Normal/Vet Dungeons
Undaunted Dailies
Dungeon Farming for set gear
Normal trial runs(vet later)
Skyshard Farming
Lorebook Hunting
Ability Bar Setups
CP Placement
PvP Zergs
XP farming
Material Farming

*Also looking for leaders that are pros in these areas to help lead these. Officer Rank will be given to those interested.

*Also looking for smaller guilds that want to join us to grow our guild, and possibly take leadership roles.

*We get a trader based off donations and sales from traders so I bid what the guild bank has weekly.

If interested in leadership please psn msg Xxre4iviasterxX
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