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excessive messaging

I had a bizarre thing happen at the weekend.

Was happily playing a delve quest and it starts to lag badly. To the point the boss wasn’t showing targetable. It then recovers and im on a resurrection screen. I then got dumped off the server with a message saying ‘you have been removed from the server for excessive messaging (spam). Please refrain from sending excessive messages.’….

I restarted and everything was fine. I think ive only ever sent 3 emails before and I hardly use chat. Was this a glich or is my system sending messages out that I don’t know?
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  • Serjustin19
    Hi. You didn't do anything wrong. This happens. The excessive messaging (spam) is actually due to lag. It usually goes away once you restart the game or your pc or console. All however is not lost and easy to fix. Since you already restarted your good to go. :)
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