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Competitive trials guild looking for members (Procyon)

We're looking for some top DPS to join our guild. We run trials at least 3 times per week.

DPS spots in our guild are pretty competitive. We invite our best players first when organizing runs, based on your Bloodspawn time.
* You need to be in the 40's for stam builds if you want a guaranteed spot
* We really need more magic builds; the game is really stam-heavy right now.

If you're interested in trying out, message theorygeek in game, or post your GT on here and tell us about your build.

* Get a good score on our DPS test. Kill Bloodspawn with no ultimates (we won't buff you, but we'll debuff the boss with Elemental Drain and Pierce Armor)
* You need to do it under 60 secs (magic) or 55 secs (stam). But if you really want to lock-in a spot, you'll want to do much better than that.
* You need to have Stormproof or Flawless Conqueror on at least one character (not necessarily the same one you use to DPS).
* Having a positive attitude is really important to us. We won't tolerate people who are rude.

We're growing fast, inviting more people every week. We'd like to get up to a good size, so that we always have top-notch people online.

Hope to see you guys in game!
- theorygeek
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    I'm pretty down, run a heavy attack mag sorc.
    Passionfruit GM - PC NA
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