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Shameful night of PvP on TF.. Shame on team orange!

  • ItsMeToo
    I believe that most of AD on TF are fighting EP more than DC, is that DC has more cheaters/exploiters than EP. Sure all alliances have them, but from my prospective I see more from DC. Therefore, I will fight EP more often. If I see a lot of cheaters/exploiters in EP, I switch to fighting DC. If both have too many playing at the time, I logout and do something else.

    Maybe people in the other alliances are doing the same thing and it just looks like there is more corporation between alliances than there really is.

    Outposts (Nik/Sej) and Alessia Bridge fights are fun for a lot of people. There are plenty of open areas for fighting and keeps close enough to get back into the action. The idea is to have fun and these people are having fun. Not everyone wants to siege a keep. They just want to get in each others' faces and fight. Solo players to zergs love to fight in these locations.

    Up north there are too many mountains for the same kind of fighting that Nik, Sej, and Alessia Bridge provide.
    FYI - There is no such thing as 'night capping' in a world wide MMO.
    FYI - There was no paid Beta. When they launched the game the Beta was over, even if you don't think it was.
    FYI - It's B2P not F2P. There is a difference.
    FYI - It doesn't take any player skill to mash keys or buttons in this game. The ones that stay alive longer have the better internet connection and speed.
    FYI - The game is not broken, it still works. It just has 'bugs' that need to be fixed.
    Balance is a "Bad" thing.

    Example: There were hundreds of Jedi and only two Sith in Star Wars. The Jedi wanted, "Balance in the Force" and they got it. Now there are only two Jedi and two Sith.

    Balance is a "Bad" thing.
    Is the glass half full or half empty?
    I say, "Get a smaller glass."
  • Pomaikai
    My guild plays the map. If we see EP getting pushed hard by DC somewhere, then we'll use that opportunity to take resources and one or more undefended, or underdefended outposts/keeps. If we see DC getting pushed hard by EP, then we do the opposite. The entire point of this is to win. There isn't a "Team Anything". We dislike both of y'all equally. Now, if one faction happens to want to get vindictive and manages to tick us all off, well then we tend to retaliate in kind. That is usually what gets some people off the Bridge Too Far, and the Sej<->BRK yoyo.

    Speaking of the Bridge Too Far...

    This is where we get to see Team Purple in action on a regular basis as Blue and Red players actively play together ganking under, and sometimes on the bridge itself. Are they spies working together, or are they just the annoying trolls under the bridge? I don't know. But I do know specific Blue's who join Red there at the bridge.
  • Celas_Dranacea
    Though we fight wherever makes most logical sense in a given moment to control the map, ever since I can remember, I have been advocating that AD push EP more than DC. This is solely because EP historically has been the stronger faction.

    I think those days are over - it appears that AD and EP no longer need to view each other as the primary threats - since the DC faction has gained a lot of strength recently.

    Take this past weekend as an example where DC rolled most of the map and gained a 1000 point lead on us.

    So if on a given night you get pushed back to your gates, then try not to complain. You guys are big girls and boys and you can handle it.
    A Bosmer Nightblade Werewolf
  • Soul_Demon
    I would tend to agree with you on that sentiment. EP historically had high population and greater strength- of course those numbers and population were taken so very long ago they are completely outdated at this point. Matter of fact multiple EP guilds changed alliances to balance out the play in Cyro. Some to DC, others to AD.

    This wasn't immediately a fix, but now with many months of time to build up a solid population and DC has rebounded quite well and fields very, very large groups of experienced players. The constant AD and DC pushes on EP are layover from the past, historically they had to do that just to keep EP from rolling the entire map.....of course now this is not the case and I would love to see the current population numbers today.

    But, old habits die hard- wouldn't expect either of those factions to want even fights, quite the contrary- I think they will both simply follow the path of least resistance and that leads both of them directly to Chal and BRK- they will never break this fighting style ....they don't want good fights, they want an alliance pressured and to take advantage of the disorganization that brings.
  • Thelon
    what is a campaign score and how is it relevant to the lords work?
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