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Healer Trial Set -One Tamriel

I was buying worm set for trials, i have 5 piece spc, 3 willpower and 2 piece monster set gear. When one tamriel comes, trial sets will be bound. So i bought x3 worm jewelry and x2 head-shoulder. I wasted about 100k gold and my economy not going well right now. One of my friend said i dont have to wear worm set, i can do it without it. So i confused, what should i do now? Is worm set good for healers in trials? As i know one healer should wear x5 aether and other one x5 worm set.

Also is there any better set for healers in one tamriel? Should i keep worm set or sell it?
  • mertusta
    Sentinel of Rkugamz might be useful, especially if you have lots of stamina but few magicka dds on your group.
  • Lunavere
    There are several sets that are good for healers in trials. Two of them are, indeed, Worm Cult and Infallible Aether. Twilight Remedy and Spell Power Cure are the other two for you to look into. However, Spell Power Cure requires both healers to wear it for the entire team to become buffed.

    Once One Tamriel drops, I know that there are going to be several shifts for players within trials. It all is going to depend on what type of trials you're running. Normal trials are night and day in comparison to veteran trials, for instance.
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  • Dubhliam
    If a particular set won't drop as BoE anymore, then the BoP version will have a completely different item ID.

    For example Worm.
    It will drop as BoP, but you will still be able to sell the old BoE pieces.

    In any case, I don't think you wasted gold. It is a great healing set for trials, and anyone that says otherwise is biased in opinion.
    I suggest you stick with Worm.
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  • kylewwefan
    Worm is good for trials. 100k for 1 worm ring is alright. SPC is great......saw it's gonna start having weapons also! Many people overlook Healers Habit. I thaught it was an alright set.
  • Tasear
    So many options besides the obvious. Why not the new or reintroduced trail set healing mage set (reduced mobs weapon damage by 400 in aoe healing areas. It's a 3 piece

    Healers Habit it's a stable and easy to acquire or buy. Gives healing overall boost. The monser set that going to give back stamina. The twin born set is very strong stable set for healing and hybrid healing. Why not the alexima mercy set gives 3k healing to nearby allies in 7 meters when you take damage with 20% chance? Seems ideal for a nightblade healer or a trail healer no?I suppose you could use the new overland set light robe or something... but please to tell me why besides dueling or a starter set?

    Side subject why the x5 aether it's nice but I thought it made a better dps set then healer set? I don't know they thought behind this.
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