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Thanks For Emperor 9/17/2016

I would just like to take a moment and thank all who helped make this possible.

I would especially like to thank the members of Dominion Imperial Guard, Children of Hircine, and all the AD that fought with me and defended the emperor until I got home from work to enjoy it.

I would like to thank the 2 other AD emperors during this campaign that let me catch up.

I would like to also thank all the EP and DC that bravely gave their lives to the cause and made it a fun time.

  • geonsocal
    PS4/NA (Cyro & IC): Vivec - This Must Be The Place...
    Back Alley Trading (BAT) and Traders Refuge
    The Purple Gang
    PVP: Brotherhood Without Banners
    "I don't have a lot to contribute because mostly I don't really care"
  • DHale
    Na PC either TF or Haderus.
    Sorcerna, proud beta sorc.
    RIP April 2014 to May 31 2016 DArk Brotherhood. Out of retirement for negates and encases.
    Sorcerna will be going back into retirement to be my main crafter Fall 2018. Beacuse a 6 k shield is f ing useless.
    Died because of baddies on the forum. Too much qq too little pew pew.
    13 AD 2 DC. CP 1200 plus 15 level 50 toons.
    NA, PC, Vivec.
    #SORCLIVESMATTER actually they don’t or they wouldn’t keep getting nerfed constantly.
  • Celas_Dranacea
    That day of defending your emperorship was extremely fun and COH was with DIG and you to the bitter end! If we ever find our guilds on the same server again, know that we will be unshakeable allies.

    It's too bad we were not able to pull off a win that week on Haderus, but we will look back fondly on our alliance which was forged in the crucible of war.

    Long live emperor Ganza!
    A Bosmer Nightblade Werewolf
  • ganzaeso
    Was NA PC Haderus
  • TheFamousMockingbird
    That recent campaign was a real fun one, with all the TF emigres showing up. A well deserved and well played emperor run. Dominion Imperial Guard is omnipresent on Haderus, along with a few other native guilds that run, and its always exciting when we get a guildie in position for an emp push. And that Saturday defending the ring was a real blast, with tons of great fights, courtesy both blue and red, though mostly red. We have had a pretty good succession over last few campaigns. Hope we can keep it up! Hail Emperor Ganza, long may he reign! Oops. Guess that was it.

  • Mustard
    Sorry but Haderus does not count
  • Moltyr
    Congrats! Doubt I'll ever be emp. Hell, I don't even want to keep it, just want the achievement lol.
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