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Where did they go? :(

I was in Cyrodiil and stumbled upon these campers having a fun time:


But when I talked to them they pointed me to a gentleman among them who gives out a special drink and told me to drink it. I did and the next thing I know my character drops and I am met with a black screen. I come back to the camp site and met with:


An empty place :( Will they ever come back? The music and sounds of the fire were relaxing. And a great break spot when Cyrodill drives me nuts. Any other place like this around Cyrodiil if this is permanent?

This is what I get for trying to immerse myself in the environment.
  • Gilvoth
    those were all nightblades. they work for sithis and had to ... um ... complete a task, they will return. they just need to fullfill a task.
  • Emothic
    Well judging by the site. They left a cart with a bed roll in it. A carpet/blanket, along with a backpack and two musical instruments. So I would say that yes the should come back. If not for the cart, carpet/blanket, or backpack. At least for the musical instruments. Those instruments could be very expensive, so I would say yes they would come back. Unless they were bandits and it was all a ploy to rob you. But then they would of tanken some of the other stuff around camp at least. Or they probably just got very intoxicated with the drink they had, went into the woods, and were killed.
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  • Ilsabet
    Lord Sanguine's party never ends.
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  • Ceridwynne
    Maybe during your blackout you killed them and disposed of their bodies. All they wanted to do was party with you and you murdered them. Shame on you ;)
  • SamuraiJohn
    Perhaps you may have dreamed it and your computer took screens of your dream
  • KraziJoe
    18 years from now you will be hit with a knock at your door and a huge bill to pay.
  • Mozsta69
    Areyou sore anywhere by any chance?
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