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Guild just vanished!

Anyone else lost your guild after the last update?

@ZOS_GinaBruno @ZOS_JasonI @ZOS_DaryaK @ZOS_KaiSchober @ZOS_GaryA @ZOS_TristanK
  • susmitds
    Seriously, now guilds are vanishing? GG, ZOS.
  • Paneross
    You got kicked
  • nosrevelk
    I owned the guild
  • Mefromnorway
    before server og Down today, i upgraded 1 of my toon to also be master crafter in blacksmiting, i work With this many hour and spen about 150k in shop for buy matrials, i should relog in 1 other toon and i saw server will not logg off,so i had to turn of game manual, With Close game, and so i try log back in again was not possible all server was Down, after fix i log in again and i was back at start again at lvl 37 for be mastercrafter, many hour wasted and Money, is this right i mean eso have to fix this, so this is waht we can risk in this game, ??
    Have fun and dont be rude. Im Norwegian so im sorry for my spelling, but hope u understand.
  • nosrevelk
    My guild is back. Tks!!!
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