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How To: Counter Ground-Targeted Abilities

Remove the ground, of course.

Dalek-Rok - Argonian Sorcerer
Dalek-Shād - Argonian Nightblade
Dalek-Shul - Argonian Templar
Dalek-Xal - Argonian Dragonknight
Dalek-Thux - Argonian Warden
Dalek-Xul - Argonian Necromancer
Dalek-Nesh - Argonian Sorcerer
Dalek-Kör - Argonian Dragonknight
Don't incorporate bugs into your builds, and you won't have [an] issue.
  • DBZVelena
    Awesome effects when game isn´t finished loading.

    (next time, key bind your dodge key, very useful.)
    What are Natch Potes? Can you eat those?
    I believe in Genie-Gina.
  • Ankael07
    This is how Zos handled the tower farming basically.
    If you want me to reply to your comment type @Ankael07 in it.
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