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Battle Roar Tooltip

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Enough already ! Just fix it in this patch please !

Warhorn = 250*70% = 175 HEALTH + MAGICKA + STAMINA ..... GG
Liofa Daeron - Imperial DK PvE Tank / PvE Stamina DPS / PvP Stamina


Guild Master of Call of the Undaunted
  • juhasman
    Yeah since 1.6 this passive description is totally incorrect.
    Lv 50 magicka sorc high elf
    Lv 50 stamina sorc orc
    Lv 50 magicka dk dark elf
    Lv 50 stamina dk redguard
    Lv 50 magicka templar breton
    Lv 50 stamina templar redguard
    Lv 50 magicka nb high elf
    Lv 50 stamina nb imperial
    CP 750
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