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Making changes to DW for PvP

Let's forget about Blod Craze and Bloodthirst and look at why I'm here- if 2H has a self heal why can't DW too? 2H feels slow and bulky and currently every stam user is using it along with now because you get a gap close and a pretty good heal. If there existed a stam gap close for other classes other than stam nb I wouldn't be wasting my time with this, I just wish 2H wasn't mainly a PVP only wep and DW mainly PVE as the devs designed it.

Also a stam morph of Overload would be sick!!! :P
Imagine throwing physical dmg thunder bolts at your enemy! Lol
  • Spearblade
    Heals from Blood Craze/Bloodthirst are fine. Major Brutality should be a buff and not attached to an attack though. Blade Cloak would be a good place to put it.

    As for gap closer, prolly isn't happening in Dual Wield. You'd have more luck asking for Sorcerer skill to be revamped (though not much luck there either, people been asking for well over a year).

    There's Silver Leash in Fighter's Guild; it's obnoxious, but workable.
  • Aldruin
    Oh yea let's give DW a standalone healing skill, then I can use rally, vigor and dw heal at the same time while roll dodge spamming. Totally won't make stam even more OP :trollface:
    Edited by Aldruin on August 31, 2016 1:21PM
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