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[PS4] [NA] LF normal SO farming

I can't find any groups that are farming this since the update... could be because many are doing the newer trials... could be because people can't cheat it anymore with a level 45 character...

either way... there still has to be enough people that want to get some gear from here. I REALLY want to farm some VO jewelry. I wasn't lucky enough to get mine yet. Hopefully with the group trading addition it won't take much time! (i'm more than willing to help others get the same gear even after i get mine)

If you have a group that farms it regularly and you need another dps or tank... Just send an invite.
OR if you are someone that just wants to farm it like i do... add your psn here or add me and we can try to get a group together.

PSN: jakeedmundson
(DC character)
Lv 50 Dunmer DragonKnight Tank/Dps
Lv 50 Altmer Sorcerer Dps
Lv 50 Breton Templar Healer/Dps
Lv 50 Altmer Nightblade Dps
Lv 50 Redguard Sorcerer Dps
PS4 - DC
vSOHM - vAAHM - vHRC - vMA Flawless

My version of a Heavy Attack Sorc build
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