Trials team progression!

Looking for a couple of people that want to progress from normal trials and move on to vet then sanctum if the talent is there. looking to fill all roles. I will be online 7:00pm est to talk to people interested. Leave a comment here or send me a PM on Xbox Live: Dark Ninja326.

Couple things I am looking for in DPS players is max CP, knowledge of your main classes DPS rotation, have maelstrom weapons which translates to understanding why best in slot gear is important.

Tanks and healers must understand how to regen ultimate effectively. You should have a variety of tanking gear like: alkosh, ebon, histbark, footmans fortune, tavas, etc.

Healers have SPC and worm or aether.

Tanks and healers have aggressive warhorn, purge, and all those skill that help the group.

Lastly, understand that if you under perform in a group setting you will not be brought in to progress through veteran and hardmode unless you can prove that you have improved since your last run.
  • Vuzion
    Do you yourself have any veteran raid experience? I may be interested if the group is serious enough. Magic nb, 51s bst. Experience in vHRC HM, vAA, vSO HM. I will not do normal trials but can be active for veteran runs.
    Not surprised to see you here vuzion. ;)
  • Vuzion
    Always looking for something to get into full time, not in any main groups right now. But as you probably know, no one here is serious enough @TARAFRAKA.
  • Vuzion
    I'm probably just gonna say screw it and only have one guild, Apex. No one seems to want to get into hm content and those who do it have their set groups and don't like to veer from them or just overlook the good players. I'll just wait til Koala sets up a core group within the guild.
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