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The Wolfsbane Confederacy

Soul Shriven
Welcome to the Wolfsbane Confederacy. We are a totally new guild in the ebonheart pact. This guild was made for fun as well as having a casual community of players around. This guild us still in the super early stages and im trying to recruit some memebers to help foster the guild. Right now the guild is mostly PVE but I can definitely see some fun in PVP down the road. As I said, I am willing to accept most anyone. The types of things I won't tolerate mostly comes in with disrespecting guildmates in a truly meaningful way. However, if you are looking for some fun and being a part of something new then
Welcome to the Pack

We now have 6 members and are looking for a few more to get the ball rolling. We definitely look forward to any of you all coming and joining us.

If you are interested, my gamertag on xbox is Avenger3333
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