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The Warriors of Mornhould - Wayrest Trader PVP-PVE

The Warriors of Mournhold are recruiting new members for PVP & PVE.

We have a $5,000.00 weekly donation at minimum. You'll make this back overnight.

The Warriors Guild is a PVP/PVE guild, we always have a trader it moves around from location to location. This week we lost our trader to a random guild, but we will be back with a trader next week for sure! We've been in Mornhould/Wayrest etc, but our main selling point is a chat that is active 24-7.

Our guild chat is very busy, as we have Australian members and US members meaning we have a 24-7 active experience.

If you are interested please post your gamertag below:

Or PM Me on Xbox MR NICE GUY 57

Donations checked weekly.

Find us on Facebook


All donations are only used to fund traders.
    Only a couple of places left
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