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The et'Ada of Nirn

Hello and welcome to The et'Ada of Nirn.

If you're looking to be apart of a great guild with great and regular events or just wanna make friends and have people to play with, then we are for you.

We are currently doing daily pledges and random dungeon runs during the week, and Trails throughout the weekends (although any suggestions are always welcome)
And we have plenty more events planned that will cater to any gaming preference, whether it be PVP, PVE or even abit of RP, we do it all (txt chat is necessary)
This is a no pressure guild so it's completely up to you when to participate or not.

If you would like help lead, and organize that would be great! We are always looking for dedicated members.

All players are welcome in our guild regardless of race, gender or alliance.
All our members can recruit (so bring your friends and family) And all members can sell in the guild store.
We never kick for inactivity and we will never become inactive, and there are NO required fees of any kind.

We are a lore friendly guild with a rich history that has been active since launch with over 450+ members and a very good guild store.
Hope to hear from you and to welcome you into our family.
Happy adventuring!

If you're interested then just add and/or contact: Dr Bedlom
And I will get you an invite asap : )
Edited by bedlom on August 17, 2016 8:06PM
  • bedlom
    Also feel free to leave your gamertag here and I'll contact you asap : )
  • bedlom
    We are also getting ready to group up for all Craglorn content.
    Edited by bedlom on August 17, 2016 7:00PM
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