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  • XDragonDoomX
    Acrolas wrote: »
    I just want a Fish motif so my pirate can have a 2H fish sword.


    Dizzying Swing is more fun with fish.


    I think this is what you want.. fish slap
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  • Dredlord
    wand/sceptre and orb

    short or melee range magica based light and heavy attacks

    orb offhand for magica based block
  • Majic
    - Shurikens
    - Bolas
    - Grenades
    - Poison Gas
    - Darts
    - Garrotes
    - Towels (see Magistrate Toyama)
    - Fists (with an actual skill line)
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  • Tapio75
    As a player who has basically always played weapon less mages in other TES games, AKA mage that carries no weapon but the spells in his/her mind.

    I would really really love it, if i could ditch these srtupid clunky weapons and Gandalf sticks and just be traditional mage wirtyh only spells at arsenal.

    This could be achieved by new weapon type called "Spell stone" that are practically invisible when equipped.

    They could carry spells like flames, sparkles, ward, TRUE magelight, firewball, ice lance etc that are used like normal weapons (Ranged). When you do light attack, it send smaller fireball for ecxample, when fully charged, bigger, more fearsome fireball (Still fantasy realism TES lore style).

    Hope you get the idea.

    Other thing id love is one handed skill line where you can use any one handed weapon in other hand in conjuction with spellstone, perphaps sword and board shouöld be separated in to shield skill line and 1 handed skill line, shield skill line would not really require many skill, powerbash and shield slam for example would be just enough.

    Unarmed and staves would also be nice additions.


    EDIT: New type of potion in Alchemy that one can throw and have effect from that, there are allreqady potions like ravage stamina etc that could be used as such, molotov coctails naturally.
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  • AtmaDarkwolf
    Cannons? Gatling guns?

    But in all honesty, I'd love to see melee staff weapons, spears, and 'single' hand weapon style(IE no shield, 1 free hand, swashbuckler style combat, or even fencing)

    Fist weapons would be ok too, except to be real logical, its silly to actually use them in any combat sense.
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