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Potions of Immovability?

I'm getting CC'd while under the affects of Potions of Immovability. I have drank these potions then been feared and have not been immune to it.

Also, CC immunity is not applying correctly sometimes as I a Vampire sued Life Drain on me, cancelled it then immediately used it on me again, stunning me both times.

It would be really nice if then potions I made did what they are supposed to do :/
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  • juhasman
    Welcome in ESO :wink: If something here works as intended we can celebrate that fact. Few times i had similar problems when i was getting knocked down then i breaked free and 0,5 sec after i was knocked down again and again cc breaked and again 0,5 sec later i was knocked down.
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  • Rohamad_Ali
    Gap closer CC's are busted and still procing on mist form and immovable .
  • Mashille

    Yeah, just kinda annoyed I crafted 200 of them for one of my toons in PvP and they don't "$!"£^&* work.
    House Baratheon: 'Ours Is The Fury'
  • Dojohoda
    I've not tested this, but since you brought it up, it seems like the immovable pots stopped working correctly a few days ago. (PC, NA)

    Like I said, I've not tested this, but I have been noticing that I get cc'd even right after drinking one.
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  • GreenhaloX
    Just curious.. off the tangent a bit here, but there's that ravage health potion that also boost weapon damage and stamina, but is there a mix to create a ravage health that also boost health and stamina? if so, what are the plant ingredients?
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