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Horse training really needs to be changed already

  • Oliumzen
    if anything just make it so we can train all 3 at once. 60 days to be completely trained up would still be ridiculous but at least we could train more then one trait for the dumb horse.
  • Acrolas
    It's fine and fair as-is. It's an incremental power in exchange for time. Just like training on tennis or playing the trombone or speed typing or just about anything else that you don't learn overnight.

    Meanwhile, people are *** taping their phones to chickens and their car wheels to hatch Pokemon. Or putting their phone in the microwave. I don't want ZOS catering to those kinds of players.
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  • Cazic
    They should remove the cooldown but make the cost increase a lot each time you train. That way the crown store purchases are still relevant, but if you have the gold to spend on riding, you can.
  • Bigevilpeter
    Its stupid and pointless and its only purpose is to force people to buy it with crowns.

    I can't even start playing a character until at least 20 speed points cause i die of boredom.

    I'm forced to create potential future characters and train them for the future

    Deleting characters is a disaster for a couple of reasons one of the main is horse training the rest can be done relatively fast
  • Mashille
    They should have kept it as the old system where you feed your horse, but with the addition of the Collection system made the Horses stats go for all Toons/.
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  • petraeus1
    I agree with OP. It's literally Candy Crush design in a paid MMORPG.
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