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*Extreme* lag in Cyrodiil?

Is anybody else experiencing this? It's like walking through sludge. My skills aren't activating when they should (if at all) and it's quieter than usual.
  • BruhItsOver9000
    Lag is very bad in prime time. Even if you avoid big battles and don't see any players, your still gonna lag.
    Late night pvp is the best.

  • imredneckson
    Cazzy wrote: »
    Is anybody else experiencing this? It's like walking through sludge. My skills aren't activating when they should (if at all) and it's quieter than usual.

    Having the same issue on NA PC its been horrible (worse than normal which is still pretty bad) for the past few days for my buddies and I
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  • maboleth
    Last nite in trueflame, big fights - FPS 19 Ping 500-999+ :(
  • Lord_Eomer
    EP VS AD, PS4 NA @ blue road (haderus) keep was extremely lagging and my ESO crashed to PS menu
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  • ozmorgudduth
    "They are working on it"
  • Ch4mpTW
    What you, and I, and everyone else is experiencing in Cyrodill — is only a fragment of what the lag used to be like. Although, it is still very bad.

    Back when Azura's Star was a champion point campaign, and the true 3-way campaign on PS4-NA...? The lag was so bad on weekends at prime time, that the skills you'd use would come out literally 8-10seconds later. I kid you not. If someone fired off a meteor, whoever it hit was pretty much dead. As there was little to no responding to it. And plus it would appear to do damage even though it was severely delayed. You'd see waves of people just bounce up randomly, and like 5 seconds later finally see the meteor rain down. Then 2-3 seconds after that, hear the noise of it. It was bananas.
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  • nine9six
    I don't believe the claims of lag in PvP.

    Wake up, we're here. Why are you shaking? Are you ok? Wake up...
  • Kronuxx
    I've actually been experiencing this everywhere. Not just cyrodiil. I've been noticing extreme latency between weaving light attacks with skills, to just plain activiation of skills, to seeing the an extreme delays of skills effects on mobs or players alike. For the past week or so it's been horrendous. I have a suspicion that the servers are being overloaded as more players influx into the game. @ZOS_GinaBruno @ZOS_GinaBruno @ZOS_RichLambert Any plans to add new server hardware or make it more efficient at least? Please?
  • Vaoh
    @Cazzy Welcome to Cyrodiil... :disappointed:
  • Armitas
    700 ping at the starting area of TF.
    100 ping anywhere in Haderus.
    AD mega faction event in full force on TF.
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  • Stovahkiin
    I play in BwB on PC NA and most of the time my ping stays pretty decent, or at least consistently not-too-terrible. But yeah it can get pretty bad at prime time. However, and interestingly enough, just yesterday the EP and AD had a huge battle over BRK with at least 100 people in the BRK area, and there actually wasn't much lag.

    So I dunno, I guess the server only sometimes feels like working well enough to support that many people, and the rest of the time it just gives you the finger. :P
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  • Drakoleon
    No worries all will be fixed..... soon. Starting with renaming Cyrodiil to....Cyrolag
  • runagate
    Certainly part of the problem in TF PC NA yesterday was blob groups using cinematic exploits. As soon as they were gone lag would cease. Not a coincidink.
  • phairdon
    Yes. The lag today is terrible at times. Crashed out of Cyrodiil twice are screen freezes too, during battles.
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  • TheHsN
    they need to fix their game... it is getting more and more unplayable...and they ask money for everything whic are not working..:(...I LOVE this game or i loved but cuz of ZOS im gonna hate it soon...
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  • Volrion
    Nah man.

    Everything is working as intended.

    Try restarting your router.
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