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Master weapons suggestion

If master 1 handed weapons still only drop in daggers please expand to axes swords maces and daggers

If masters 2hander still only drops in greatsword please expand to great axe maul and great sword.
  • juhasman
    There is master 1h sword atm.
    Lv 50 magicka sorc high elf
    Lv 50 stamina sorc orc
    Lv 50 magicka dk dark elf
    Lv 50 stamina dk redguard
    Lv 50 magicka templar breton
    Lv 50 stamina templar redguard
    Lv 50 magicka nb high elf
    Lv 50 stamina nb imperial
    CP 750
  • Gottbeard
    I'm referring to the dual wield and 2 handed line weapons.
  • idk
    Do MA 1H weapons drop in all 4 types for damage vs tanking?
    Really, idk
  • TheHsN
    they need to work on Dagger , Greatswords And destro st.. they are weak too weak...
    Magicka SORC - PvE/PvP
    Stamina NB - PvE/PvP
    Magicka NB - PvE/PvP
    Magicka Templar - PvE
    Stamina Templar - PvP
    Magicka DK - PvE
    Stamina DK - PvE
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