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Nine Heavenly Bodies. New Guild Start Up.

Soul Shriven
Hello all, I have always wanted to build a new guild from the ground up with my friends, and now that I am playing this game more and more each day my dream can finally be realized. This guilds primary goal is to have a great store all over Tamriel. There is so much benefit to having a great guild store that people come to for every little need and find the best prices around! I would LOVE for this guild to be one of the more popular guild in Tamriel. Not only do I want this to be a popular guild store, I would love for all the members to be active and doing constant dungeon delving with all members of all levels! Now we cannot have dungeon delving without a great PVP group with knowledgeable tactics and strategies! Now this guild will be based in Daggerfall, but I have no reason to exclude any other alliance from joining as I want this to be a well rounded community. I am Guild leader right now, and fortunately my eso name is my gamertag on Xbox. If there is a more knowledgeable person that comes along that will be better for this guild I will gladly step down if that is better for the over success of this guild. SO please feel free to send me a message if this guild interests you in the slightest. Keep in mind, this is a brand new guild so the start up might take a bit of time so bear with me! Thank you all for reading this!
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