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PTS installation question

Maybe should be on the technical forum, but let's see how we get on :)

Is there a way to install ESO game and pts installations on different drives? I have the game on my SSD drive at the moment but I do not have room for the PTS set up there. I have plenty of space on my normal hdd for that but I don't want to move the main game to the slower drive. Ideally, I would like to have the game on the ssd drive and the pts on the slower drive. Is this possible?

Thanks, WD
  • Elsonso
    The only way would be to create a joined directory (Win) or a linked directory (Mac) and call it The Elder Scrolls Online PTS. This would go in the ZeniMax directory next to The Elder Scrolls Online directoey.
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    @Elsonso on PC North America

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  • Garldeen
    eek that sounds a bit confusing. I think I will pass on PTS in that case. Many thanks for the reply :)
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