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Few things i'd like to be fixed/changed.

Jabs to be able to go through dodge roll.. like sweeps does, aoe's are mean't to do that. Also is burning light still bugged vs shields?

Shuffle to not be able to dodge ult's, also when it does proc it should only dodge that 1 skill is proc'd off, not everything that lands in the .5s period, maybe give it a cooldown of two seconds to stop back to back proc's.

Shield stacking, make it critable, reduce the shield nerf by like 10% give it passive 500 crit resist or something, shield stacking is too strong and the timer nerf did nothing for pvp, on that note increase shields to 8s base. Sick of trying to fight sorc only for them to panic spam and be able to tank 3 people on a full glass cannon build.

Radiant destruction, reduce this skill to at least 22m so it's in line gap closers, this way it doesn't get spammed by people from 40m away. Also decrease the % is starts scaling to 30 or 25% and maybe make it dodgeable, a finisher should ignore a defence mechanic.

Malubeth - Yes it was bugged, yes it was 'fixed' yet it is still over performing for a 2 piece set, it needs a cooldown of like 8s which starts AFTER the beam breaks not when it proc's like it currently does, also it shouldn't proc on dots. For a 2 piece set is stupidly strong turning glass cannon dps to the point where they can tank 4-5 people with a proc, look at kodi? he managed a 1v14 with this set. Could even change the healing buff to major mending.

Fix cloak, It's been bugged for a while, if something like hardened ward had a 80% of not working for sure the sorc would flood the forums.

Snares, the snares in this game is a stupid design, it's such a strong effect and yet literally everything has it, mag nb's, stampede, jabs, dk fire skills, templar ritual, heoric slash, caltraps, ice comet, etc... The max a skill should be able to snare should be 50% and thats only on effect such as caltraps which is basically made for the snare and thats only in the iniitial use, cap everything else to 30% and remove it from gap closers altogether.

Healing on some classes is just insane. I was fighting a magicka templar i have major defile on him, he never had mending up and 1 BoL healed him for 12k.. Like seriously?

Theres a few other things as well that i can't remember off the top of my head, if i do i'll edit them in.

I'd like this to be a discussion so if you agree or not, make sure you have facts or an actual arguement to back it up.


Current CP : 756+

I have every character level 50, both a magicka and stamina version.

RIP my effort to get 5x v16 characters...
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